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It’s too beautiful outside to be serious inside. If Mother Nature can be giddy with her spring bulbs, earthy smells and tumultuous bridsong, why shouldn’t I giggle with my poetry? Despite the morning’s gorgeousness, my energy is low and I can’t spare any of it for taking myself too seriously at the moment.

I am healing well, have already traded my clinical white cast for Darth Vader’s sturdy boot; I clunk awkwardly on my forays into the spring garden, one foot wearing a summer sandal, the other strapped with foam, velcro and rigid struts.  I’m sure my awkward attire and gait are giving those aforementioned birds something to titter about, and they, in turn, delight me with their tittering songs… a blessed circle!

As for my writing… I’ve treated myself to the bright red fountain pen I’ve been coveting, and am finding it to be an opinionated and responsive companion. Here she is swinging in the trees:

holding hands with my
red opinionated pen…
best friends forever!

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I have been delving for words this morning, hoping to entice my Poetic Self to come out to play with me in the glorious spring sunshine… but I am tired, wounded. I can find no poetry, no deep philosophy, nor, disappointingly, any sign of grittiness. Only this, by way of showing up, only this as an offering on our community playing field:

Uneven pavement
life changes in an instant…
healing comes slowly. 

My ankle, which I broke just over a week ago, is already beginning its healing, and my soul is fidgeting restlessly, eager to get back to independence and interesting projects.  I am reminding myself that we are multi-dimensional beings who experience life equally in body and spirit. I am practicing the art of graceful yielding now, allowing my body, mind, and spirit to work together, allowing myself to experience what is rather than what I think should be, allowing myself to enjoy the gentle care of my family and friends, allowing myself chocolate.

For more Friday haiku, please visit Rebecca and the wonderful haiku my heart community at recuerda mi corazon

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Dawn Chorus

Spring is early this year, to both our delight and consternation. While we worry about our water tables and reservoirs (as we haven’t had much rain for quite a long time now), we wander outdoors more often, celebrating one little wonder after another as bulbs flower, trees bud, and our local wildlife stirs and returns to our garden.

With the days lengthening, dawn comes earlier and earlier… I stir and wake more easily, with less longing to hide beneath my covers.

at morning’s first light
dawn chorus sings me from sleep
birdsong into day

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I am tenderly exploring my writing life, finally and joyfully accepting that I have a poetic and writerly soul. It’s Friday, so, as promised, I’m continuing my quest to invite poetry and friendship into my life by sharing an experience from my week, in haiku and image, and linking to the lovely and creative haiku my heart community.

In my resolve to take my writing to a new level, I’m considering new forms of expression, feeling alternately excited and terrified. I dreamt the other night of admiring the work of a lovely and creative woman, even wishing that I had created what she had. I asked her how she did it…

Just write the first line,
the second follows always…
advice from the muse.

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Sometimes the soul needs a little retreat. Mine has. And just as the year cycles through the seasons, spring does return to the soul, bringing forth tender shoots of newness, with the promise of further transformation yet to come.

I will begin with syllables, offering them to you from my emerging sense of poetics and linking to haiku my heart, where poets and friends gather on Fridays to share their worlds through image and haiku.

It has taken me a few days to gather the threads of my courage and poke them through the eye of the cyber needle so they can be sewn into my blog, but my intention is to make this a Friday practice.

Early breath of spring
threatens winter’s icy grip.
Crocuses arise!

(Perhaps I should explain that the jar contains my homemade grain-free nutty granola, a symbol of my new and healthful way of eating.)

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